My Sunday Night TV Shows

The following are ramblings about Sunday-night airing TV shows that I like to watch. Plenty of spoilers are contained below so if you don’t want any of these shows spoiled, don’t read the following.

I have to start with Breaking Bad but don’t worry, my thoughts on it are going to short because really, what else is there to say then, “That’s how you end a series!” All the plot lines that mattered were tied up but at the same time, we, the viewers, were still able to decide how things worked out in the long term for Jesse and the White family.

Huell's fine guys
Huell’s fine guys

I’m really happy that Jesse lived and that he didn’t kill Walt. I know that a lot of people wanted him to finish his former mentor off but I think that in the long run, that action would have haunted Jesse. The only person he should have killed was Todd and that’s exactly what happened.

I could though have done with the neo-Nazis being taken out in a bigger way (no, a remote controlled machine gun isn’t big enough for me). But how things went down at least seemed fairly plausible for something that was orchestrated by Walt, the man with the oddest bit of luck his side of the Mississippi.

Now Breaking Bad has wrapped up, Sunday nights are all about The Walking Dead, which returns to AMC on October 13. I’m really hoping that this season continues with the momentum that was built in the last one and that we don’t end up with Standing-around-and-talking-in-front-of-the-barn Part II. I feel that with this show, things could really go either way.

The potential for awesomeness is certainly there. The end of Woodbury should introduce a bunch of new characters and story lines and while others disagree with me, I quite like that the Governor’s still out there, loose and crazier than ever. Plus, Andrea’s finally dead so there will be no more having to watch her make stupid decisions. I really think that season four could be the standout one for The Walking Dead.

Let’s keep it Brody-free for a bit

Of course, more seasons hardly mean more quality. A perfect example of that is Homeland, which returned to Showtime on Sunday and that I got caught up on last night. While I did get my wish of a Brody-free episode and I’m glad the topic of the mole came back up, overall I was disappointed. While watching it, I twice made sarcastic plot predictions and yep, they came true. (Really, Carrie was in the ladies’ room during the bombing, they couldn’t come up with anything better than that?) Also, what was with Saul throwing Carrie under the bus at the end? All episode, he’d been her biggest cheerleader and then, out of nowhere, under the wheels she goes. This better be part of some kind of bigger plan on his part, otherwise the writers have really gone to a weird place with his character.

While Homeland frustrates me, I will continue to watch it because I want to know how it’s all going to work out. And while I could do without the evil grandma and teen sexting scandal sub-plots, the CIA side of the story is quite interesting and does seem to moving forward. I’m hopeful that now, with Brody out of the picture for a least awhile, the show might be able to return to its first season form.

My experience with Homeland is the complete opposite to my experience with HBO’s Broadwalk Empire. While I loved Homeland from the first episode, it took me a while to warm up to Broadwalk Empire. Because of its complicated plots and huge cast, it’s not the easiest show to get into, or to stay involved with. But, if you take the time to figure out what’s going on or, like me, develop a system of nicknames for the 500 lookalike shady, white, male characters, you’re rewarded with a very well-written and ever evolving show.

Killer twins

I absolutely loved last season and was worried that no one was going to be able to top its crazy, primary villain. But somehow the writers have been able to create a new villain who’s even more interesting and who’s opening a whole new side of things, due to him being an “educated” black man who’s all about advancing the state of his “Libyan brothers” (or is he).

This season of Broadwalk Empire is currently four episodes in and while things have been a little slow, I think some great story lines are being set up. I’m even now interested in Willie Thompson’s awkward-boy-at-university sub-plot. Am I though a bit worried that, as usual for this show, too much is going on. While I am now interested in Willie’s story, I could happily do without it, especially if it meant more Richard and his amazing sister, a new character who I would love to see as a regular.

I suppose that I should also say something about Dexter, which wrapped up a couple of weeks ago, since I used to love that show so much that I named my dog after it. But the truth is, the last few seasons have been weak, preposterous and just not very good.

We’ve started the final season but only got four or five episodes into before other things distracted us. We will go back and finish it but from what I’ve been told, there’s no rush to do so.

I’m really, really happy that Breaking Bad didn’t go out like Dexter.


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