Toronto Cocktail Week + Ticket Deals

Next week will see the launch of Toronto’s first-ever Cocktail Week. Featuring nine boozy events, TCW is all about appreciating good bourbon_cocktailcompany, good food and great cocktails.

While I would love to take in most of TCW’s activities, being unemployed and an already booked weekend mean that at best, I might get to check out one of TCW’s just-announced neighbourhood crawls. These events feature “a special TCW13 cocktail”  for $10 and, at some places, include “a small food item.”

The Drake Hotel is also featuring a bunch of free, daytime seminars and I think I might check one or two or three of these events out (the Science of Taste Seminar on Tuesday and the Cocktail Family one on Wednesday both look particularly interesting).

If I could, I would attend the The Grid’s Cocktail Generator Gala, set for Saturday, October 5 at the Great Hall. It’s described as a, “epic finale to the week will feature an all-star cast of bartenders from neighbourhoods across Toronto mixing drinks with a unique twist: The menu consists only of adjectives. Using The Grid’s Cocktail Generator, attendees will be asked to choose three in order to have customized cocktails whipped up for them.” (Why aren’t I going to this fun-sounding event? Because I have a good friend’s bachelorette that night.)

While tickets are normally $50 for this event, you have until the end of today to grab a ticket for only $25.  You can also pick up a ticket for October 4’s Whiskey 3-Way Showdown for $25 (also down from $50) or get tickets for both for $40.

If you do end up going to either of these events, have a drink for me!


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