The White Squirrels Of Trinity-Bellwoods

Not my photo

I first spotted one of Trinity-Bellwoods’ legendary white squirrels a couple of weeks ago, when I was taking my dog Dexter out  for his morning walk. Of course I didn’t have a camera with me. I returned to the scene of the spotting as soon as I could with my phone but the white squirrel had disappeared (I’m sure Dexter barking at it played a role in that).

I figured that at a minimum, it would be next spring before I lucked out and saw another white squirrel. But then yesterday afternoon while out, once again, with my dog, I saw one of the white squirrels again. Since I saw it just a few metres from the original spotting location, on the north side of Halton, I assume that it’s the same squirrel. I guess it must call that street home.

Again, I didn’t have my camera but this time, instead of waiting until the dog was done his business, I ran straight home, grabbed my camera and ran back to the tree where I saw the squirrel.

However, it was gone.

But then, just as Dexter and I were about to head to the park, I heard rustling about me and there it was, in all its furry, albino glory. Unfortunately, the dog saw it too and started barking so the squirrel took off across the street, via a power line.

I pulled out my camera and I tried to get an action shot of the squirrel but it was really sunny out and I’m sort of a crappy photographer and so I ended up with this:


Do you see it? That’s clearly a white squirrel running down that power line.

Okay, it’s not a very good photo but it’s something. And since I’ve seen the squirrel twice in under two weeks, I’m thinking that my odds of spotting it again are high. But next time, I’m going to have a camera and be ready to take a good, clear photo. It’s my new life goal.


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