What Should I Do While I’m Unemployed

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 9.33.49 PM
On the to-do list

I’m putting together a list of things to do while I’m unemployed. Please let me know what other activities I should add to it!

  • Bond with Netflix and watch all of Twin Peaks, House of Cards and Sherlock (yes, I’m a TV loser)
  • Read Margaret Atwood’s Maddaddam’s series (yes, I’m a bad Canadian)
  • Checkout both the Bowie and Weiwei exhibits at the AGO with my new AGO membership (it was a really good deal!)
  • Do my arm exercises at least three times a week (already did these today!)
  • Do Pilates at least three times a week (tomorrow, yes, tomorrow)
  • Meal plan (I’m that this practice also saves money)
  • Start and finish my photo frame project (but first I need to find the frames)
  • Look into how feasible it would be to create this art piece myself (please note that I suck at DIY projects)
  • Plan out our basement reno (so when I get a job and we have money, we can launch right into that project)
  • Plan out our pantry re-build (this is a home improvement project we can actually do in the near future)
  • Complete Fiction Project #87 and look into Kindle self-publishing (it’s the way of the future/I’m not a strong enough writer to get a deal)
  • Finally eat Country General’s “KFC” Chicken (perhaps this will be October’s big night out)
  • Get a new job (or something job-like; contract/project work is fine too)

Thanks for the suggestions!


One thought on “What Should I Do While I’m Unemployed

  1. dan kershaw

    My suggestions are 1. relax 2. don’t do any of those things 3. long walks w your wee one in the baby bjorn. 4. movies. speaking of, remember “best in show”? stay away from those weimaraner people. If there’s any real worrying to do, give a big chunk of it to your partner.

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