Construction On Ossington

Yesterday, while walking the dog, Husband and I came across this sign:


“WTF?” We both exclaimed and then later that afternoon, I spent some time online, looking into why Ossington was being shut down. I found out that the street is being shut down between College and Dundas during that time period, for streetcar track replacement, but I couldn’t find any info on what was happening on Ossington between Queen and Dundas. Maybe it’s being used for staging? Still, it’s weird that that’s not noted on the TTC site or Councillor Mike Layton’s.

Or maybe the sign is just wrong.

I guess we’ll find out on Monday morning.


4 thoughts on “Construction On Ossington

  1. Hi Lindsay,

    I saw your post here and asked Heather in my office to contact Transportation. Today she heard from Mohammad Kashani in Engineering and Construction Services. He has assured us that the sign should read Dundas to College, not Dundas to Queen. He has asked the contractor to fix this and it should be changed shortly.

    If you have any questions, please email me at or Heather at Thank you for posting about this.

    In community,

    Mike Layton

    1. Yes, I saw that. Unfortunately, that “fix” isn’t easy to see from the road and was only done to that one sign (there are several incorrect signs posted throughout the neighbourhood). While I’m thrilled that your office looked into this without being asked, I can’t say the same about the contractor (while I understand why your office thought there was just the one sign, the contractor should know better).

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