Good-bye Ohbijou

Ohbijou is one of those Toronto bands that I like but don’t love. They’re also one of those bands that seem like they’re always around, playing some kind of festival or opening for someone else. Because of those reasons, I never purposely tried to see an Ohbijou show; I always figured that at some point, our paths would cross.

Well, turns out I was wrong about that because tonight the band is performing its farewell show and I still haven’t seen them live.

When I first heard that Ohbijou were calling it quits with a $20 show on a Saturday night at the Great Hall, I thought I’d get tickets. But then I noticed that the night featured a number of special guests, some listed, some left as a surprise and I realized that if I went to this show, I would feel like I was crashing a private party.

I could just picture the scene: Me and who ever I managed to convince to come, standing off to the side, while almost all of the other attendees talked and laughed with each other because they’re mostly all friends, or, at minimum, from the same circle. While the music would be great, and most people would be having a great time, I would feel awkward and a bit like a tourist.

So I skipped getting tickets though as I sit here, writing this and listening to Ohbijou, I now want to go. But no, it would be weird for me to attend. This is really a show for friends and true fans, and I am neither.

Besides, I can see this being one of those breakups that doesn’t last. While Ohbijou wasn’t commercially successful, their songs received plenty of praise and they have a following. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if this turned out to be more like a really long break.

And maybe then, when Ohbijou play their reunion show, I’ll go to that and join the many other people who will undoubtedly discovered this great little band while it’s on hiatus.

If you are going to this show tonight, have a great time. The  lineup of special guests looks amazing and I have no doubt that this will be a very memorable night.


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