**Evening update: Provincial Minister of Transportation Glenn Murray just tweeted this: “NOT A 2 STOP SUBWAY. Number and optimal locations will be developed with City.” Maybe they can squeeze another stop in on Ellesmere? Whatever it ends up looking like, it’s not what City Council agreed to in August and it’s still no seven-stop LRT line. Wait, why is that the better way? Oh right, because of all of these reasons.**

I know that it’s wrong but I can’t help but let an evil smile play on my lips at the sight of this graphic:

Stolen from The Toronto Star

You wanted a subway Scarborough? Well, there’s your subway, all two stops of it. On the plus side, it will now go through two priority neighbours and, since its construction just involves one cook (the province is covering the entire $1.4 billion price tag), it might actually get built.

More details on the latest twist in the never-ending soap opera that is Toronto public transit can be found over in The Toronto Star.


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