Moved In & Other Fun Stuff

And I’m now moved into my new Ossington-area home. This means that Trinity-Bellwoods has replaced Sorauren Park, Pizza Libretto is our new Barque and as for our new favourite bar, well, there are just too many choices to pick one.

I guess I should update the photos on this blog with images from my new neighbourhood. But first I should probably finish unpacking and organizing. I have no idea where all of this stuff is going to go. I’ve moved from one a one-bedroom loft that has almost no storage to a townhouse with multiple closets and yet somehow I still can’t find a home for everything. I predict a trip to IKEA this weekend.

But I also plan on finding time to check out the Hot and Spicy Food Festival at Harbourfront. It’s been years since I’ve gone to that festival; I hope it still has a ton of free samples and great food available for sale.

As for this week, besides sorting out my new place, I will also be job hunting. Yep, in the same month I was laid off and moved. While there’s no question that the former event sucks, at least I have plenty of time to organize the new place and get to know my new neighbourhood, even if I can’t shop in it (sorry local businesses; I hope to make it up to you once I’m employed again).


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