New Shops: Arts Market & Cry Wolf

Yesterday’s post was a bit deep so today, let’s blog about something lighter: New stores!

Narwhal Tee
Narwhal Tee from Crywolf

First up is the West End-street outpost of Arts Market. This shop, which has its original location out in Leslieville, can be thought of as a never-ending One-of-a-Kind show. Crafty people can rent a spot in this store and then use the Arts Market staff to process their sales, meaning they can focus on creating, instead of selling.

According to this BlogTO article, current offerings at the Arts Market include affordable photography from Going on Dreams; fun, recycled shirts from stitch & spoke and manly handmade items from Man of Craft.

I love this store’s concept and I love that soon I’ll be moving near the Arts Market, which is located at 846 College, just west of Ossington.

Our second new store is a brick-and-mortar location for Toronto-clothing Crywolf. This brand is responsible for all kinds of cute designs, like the featured narwhal one that I plan on picking up and adding to my collection of whale shirts (I love whales).

In addition to clothes, this shop, located at 91 Ossington, is also selling accessories, offering custom options and stocking Augie’s ice pops.

Crywolf is currently running an IndieGoGo campaign to help its new store. As you would expect from a clothing line, the perks are pretty good and including plenty of clothes.


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